Prisons, Energy Saving and Communities… Joined Up Agendas?

The rising costs of energy are a huge pressure on prison budgets. They are also a major cause of debt which is one of the underlying causes of crime. This presents significant reasons for prisons to become more involved in energy saving activity and also to spread the benefits of energy saving beyond the prison gates. E-seaP is founded by a sustainable energy charity with its roots in tackling fuel poverty (financial difficulties related to home energy use).

The principles behind E-seaP are:

  • Energy saving has clear benefits to all
  • Raising the visibility and easing the practicalities of energy saving actions helps engage everyone with the benefits.
  • Engaging everyone is the key to savings that can support the investment in more efficient buildings and technologies
  • Energy saving is about introducing positive behaviours and more responsible attitudes.
  • Energy saving helps relieve fuel poverty and associated debt problems.
  • Fuel poverty and debt contribute to the causes of crime
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